A journey to discover new worlds led by a curious and resourceful little monkey.
Nora is the mascot of our studio who makes her first appearance in this short film.
As she wanders through a mysterious forest, moving from one world to another,
she changes form while maintaining her essence.

Discovering the world and discovering herself we see her proceed on an adventure
that combines five different graphic languages.

Nora is a just born being wich was conceived to represent our new creative studio focused on design, illustration and animation it’s a mascot representing the primal need for discovery that drives us in the world of creative production for advertising.It's a character with many personalities, representing all the knowledge already acquired and taking shape with our experience.



Creative and Art Direction: Bianca Sangalli Moretti and Gianluca Patti / Character Design: Gianluca Patti, Bianca Sangalli Moretti and Franco Vecchi / Animatic: Gianluca Patti, Lan Zhou, Teo Casoli / Animation: Andrea Asperges, Lan Zhou, Teo Casoli, Gianluca Patti / Clean up: Bianca Sangalli Moretti, Gianluca Patti, Andres Monclavo, Giuseppe Avarello, Emilia Abot / 2dfx: Andrea Asperges, Sonny D'Alò, Andrea Corso, Gianluca Patti / Motion Graphics: Bianca Sangalli Moretti, Gianluca Patti, Leonardo Dias, Gianluca Santoro / 3d: Gianluca Patti, Leonardo Dias / Sound Design: Rory Munro

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