Hoppipolla is an independent
mail-order culture box set filled
with specially selected products
to surprise you and introduce you
to new creatives. 
For box #42 Gianluca Patti and I created a series of illustrated items, including the box itself: a postcard with a Polynesian recipe, a tribal wrapping paper, and a fold-out poster about the Kon-Tiki adventure.
Each box has a theme and this one was about exploration and travel.
On 28 April 1947, a raft made of balsawood carrying six men and a parrot sailed out of Callao, Peru. The expedition was called KON-TIKI.

Poisson cru is translated as “raw fish” in French. In Tahitian, it is called “ia ota (ee-ah oh-tah).”
It is generally considered the national dish of Tahiti and the islands of French Polynesia.

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