An evocative book about the unpredictable paths of creativity with two-colour illustrations tells of the beauty of getting lost and the richness of the world around us. P tells stories. 
But sometimes he loses them. This is just one of those days. Where has his story gone? Has it set sail for distant shores, or is it lost in the city? Or maybe she ran away, taking her favorite umbrella with her? No, no, she is nowhere to be found! But luckily, on the long journey in search of her, P discovers many more stories. 
A journey to discover the places and shapes that make up a story. An illustrated book on the theme of observing everyday life, on how the gaze can collect and preserve what surrounds us in a spontaneous cognitive process.

P ha perso una storia is a children’s book about curiosity and discovery, telling how our daily life
can hide some incredible and amazing stories. It's a debut book published in Italy, written
and illustrated by me. The script is based on a character who starts a daylong journey looking
for something lost, leaving a house and discovering something on the inside.

Year: 2021   |   Publisher: Edizioni Clichy   |   Language: Italian   |   Pages: 40   |   Age: 3-6 years   |   Shop:

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